• Feb14
    10:00 am

    Sunday Morning Worship

    Elder Doug Ferrell is preaching on John 12:36b-43

  • Feb21
    10:00 am

    Sunday Morning Worship - Hospitality Sunday

    Elder Jeff Anderson is preaching on 1 John 5:1-5

  • Feb24
    6:30 pm

    The Exemplary Husband Study - Chapter 16

    The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott is a study for men that clearly outlines and explains what the Scriptures requires of husbands and fathers.

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Welcome to Sovereign Grace Bible Church. We are a gospel centered, age integrated church.

Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching God’s Word for the spreading of the Gospel, for salvation of souls, and for the training and edification of the children of God. To be a multi-generational, age integrated community of faith where families are not divided during the worship but are ministered to as a whole. To teach the distinct roles of biblical manhood and womanhood God has given to men and women in the home and church; we embrace and celebrate these distinct roles.